Thursday, 16 August 2007

Welcome to Manchester Science Festival!

2007 is the festival’s inaugural year – we look forward to seeing you at an event during October and making our first festival a great success! Manchester Science Festival aims to enthuse and inspire everyone about science, technology and engineering. There will be more than 100 events between 20-28 October - you’ll be able to go on a city walk, draw your own animal, make computerized music, play with robots, see special film screenings, and more! Don’t forget the latest info is on the website -

Thank you to North West Development Agency and the Museum of Science and Industry for the support, financial and otherwise. Thanks also to all the partner organisations who’ve advised, and to those who are running and hosting events – you are too numerous to mention but no less important for it.

This year there are more than 100 events as part of the festival – here you can find out what’s going on, when and where! All the events in the festival are related to six themes:

  • ‘Manchesticity' - the city's endeavours, achievements, people, places and ideas
  • Mind & Body - activities and topics about our brains and brawn
  • Planet - exploring our impact on and use of the earth, and looking into space
  • Extra-Ordinary - the science, technology and engineering of the everyday
  • Past, Present, Future - looking forward and back in time
  • Lifestyle - the science of all things fun - food, shopping, sport, music, and more!

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