Wednesday, 9 November 2011

BBC project - Britain in a day

Britain in a Day is a unique portrait of twenty-four hours in the life of the UK, filmed by you. On Saturday 12 November 2011 pick up a camera and record your thoughts, hopes and aspirations, then upload your film to the Britain in a Day channel on YouTube. You’ll be helping to create an amazing archive and your film could be included in an historic BBC documentary in 2012.

Check out the below blog with Morgan Matthews, director of Britain in a Day to find out more about the project and how to get involved.

What is Britain in a Day?:

Morgan: BRITAIN IN A DAY is an exciting and ambitious documentary project where we are inviting people across the UK to send in footage shot on one particular day - the 12th November 2011. This is an ordinary day like any other but we aim to capture both the ordinary and the extraordinary events that take place in people's lives every day across the UK. We will edit the footage into one, hopefully remarkable film to be screened on the BBC in 2012.

Why should I get involved:

Morgan: This is an opportunity to capture history and be a part of a unique film-making event. The footage that you capture could be included in a film that I believe will provoke, inspire, surprise and move audiences around the world. Britain in a Day will be a record of our nations, both in the present and in the future. A film about us made by us.

How do I get involved:

Morgan: On 12th November 2011, pick up a camera and film anything that's happening in the 24-hour period from midnight on Friday to midnight on Saturday. Any type of camera will do - whether it's a domestic video camera or your mobile phone - just use the best you have available and start filming on the 12th November 2011. Once you have recorded your footage, upload the unedited clips onto YouTube using the BRITAIN IN A DAY website. If you haven't used YouTube before, don't worry, it's easy - take a look at the 'how to' guide on the BRITAIN IN A DAY website.

Are you looking for any particular clips?

Morgan: I am looking for footage of anything that's happening to you or someone you know on the 12th November 2011. You may be with your family or you may be separated from them. You may be walking in the hills or dancing on the town. You could talk to the camera and create a video diary of all or part of your day, or you can film people you know - with their permission. There may be something wonderful happening to you or your friends and family - perhaps a birth or a marriage, or you may be experiencing something difficult or traumatic - perhaps coping with tough times, a break up or the loss of someone close to you. If you're going to work or staying in on your own, use your camera to show me what you see and tell me what you are feeling. Whether your experience is a momentous occasion or an average day or night, there is meaning, tragedy and beauty in everyday life that we can all identify with - and I want you to capture it for me.

Do you have some suggestions or questions we could think about when filming...

Morgan: Yes. These are just ideas, but you might want to think about the following to get you started:

• What can you see from your window and how would you describe your area?
• What do you like or dislike about the UK?
• What do you see in the mirror?
• What do you worry about?
• What is your vice or your guilty pleasure?
• What makes you happy?
• What is the most important thing in your life at the moment?
• If you are working, show me what you do.
• Show me what you do in the evening

Do I need experience with a camera or making films?

Morgan: This is a project for everyone. Don't let lack of experience put you off, you really don't need to have touched a camera before. Check out the web site for some simple tips and how to videos. It is really easy to take part.

When's the date?

Morgan: Record your footage on 12th November 2011: from midnight on Friday to midnight on Saturday.

Upload your footage by 21 November 2011 at

For more details on BIAD and to get involved, go to: and film YOUR day on Saturday 12th Nov.