Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Newbie Picks

I've just joined the Manchester Science Festival team and thought I’d begin with a blog about what I’m most excited about in the programme this year. I've picked my favourites from each section. Let me know yours!

Some of you may have been lucky enough to see the meteorite streaking through the sky in the UK last weekend. This event gives you the chance to get your hands on real pieces of space rock over 4 billion years old and look at moon rocks brought back to Earth by the Apollo astronauts. We’ll also hear about the ways in which scientists are using these ancient rocks to explain the mysteries of our solar system! Can’t wait! 
I remember watching the King of natural history Sir David Attenborough on Blue Planet, exploring the wonders of the deep, and being fascinated by the wondrous creatures living in our oceans. Creatures that can create their own light in order to repel predators or attract prey, seem very ‘other-worldly’ and I’m dying to recreate this phenomenon in our MadLab
The issues of organ donation generate a vast range of opinions affected by many factors but it’s a subject that could potentially affect us all during our lives. This performance explores the subject in a light-hearted way and there’s even an opportunity to test our views in an after-show debate.

As a film fanatic who loves a good sci-fi movie, I can’t think of anything better than gathering to watch this diverse range of flicks exploring the implications of scientific developments in the pop-up HD cinema in MOSI’s 1830s warehouse. Picks: GATTACA and Contagion

Social media has exploded in the last five years. With many of us living out our lives online, this discussion (led by technology strategists Norman Lewis, Mindy Gofton and Keith Teare, explores the future of the internet and the controversial topic of regulation.

How many of us have walked along a street in Manchester or Salford and wondered about the history of the impressive buildings - some of which still proudly declare their origins? With so much fusion between industrial heritage and new developments, this tour takes us along Salford’s Chapel Street through to Manchester. Put on your cosy coat and enjoy as the story unfolds.


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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Make, do, hack and more...

Well this year’s Manchester Science Festival programme has well and truly launched! We hope you’ve already browsed through the programme and found lots of event for you to go to. If not you can browse the programme on the Festival website.

We’ve themed events around strands such as Family Fun and Join the Conversation. This year we have some brand new strands to help you get to grips with the brilliant programme.

Science After Dark is an opportunity for adults to relax and enjoy some events on the weekends and after work. Immerse yourself in the beautiful 1830 warehouse at MOSI and enjoy our series of science-inspired films. Head to the Lowry and join the Festival of the Spoken Nerd crew for some laughs. Explore issues surrounding organ donation at a performance at Contact Theatre.

Our series of events in Make, Do and Hack invites you to make, do and play... and leave the kids at home! Paint with bacteria, make robots or create your very own USB microscope.

Explore our Arts meet Science programme... there’ll be a Field of Jeans exploring new technology to purify the air around us, a palace made of milk teeth provoking discussion around stem cells and donating body parts for art, and the Osmosis Machine, playing with a gloop material forming beautiful shapes.

We invite you to play, create and explore science at this year’s Festival. We believe we have created a fantastic programme for families, young people and adults full of hands-on activities, performance, film, discussions and more. We hope there are plenty of events that you’ll love. Enjoy!