Monday, 14 July 2008

Comments from the first Ideas Cafe

Last week saw the first Ideas Cafe at the Manchester Museum. Some really ... interesting ideas came out of it, although if I'm being honest I'm not sure a "smog disco" on roller skates is something I want to try and write a risk assessment for!

There were also more realistic ideas from the other groups, I liked the idea of creating a flag for Manchester and investigating the ecological past of Manchester. The group that wanted to put on talks about space for children obviously knew I was there as that's what I used to do. Other great ideas included an art exhibition based on dental images and equipment and an investigation of the history of Science in Manchester.

Doorstep gave us a new (well new for me) way of thinking about projects which lead us to these more unusual ideas.

If you want to add your own ideas for the Manchester Science Festival then come along to the next Ideas Cafe on 22nd July at the MOSI cafe, reserve your place here. Everyone with ideas for what they want in the festival is welcome to come along and get involved, I look forward to meeting more of you there.

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