Tuesday, 23 June 2009

From rockets to astronauts...

It's been all go on the Festival front... the cutting room experiment was great fun at the weekend... was a bit drizzly upon arrival, but as soon as we started making our alka seltzer rockets, the sun came out! Loads of people joined in - mainly kids at first, but the adults were desperate for a go once they saw rockets being let off. Got some great footage on video which we will hopefully share soon.

After all that fun, we'll hopefully be doing it again in the summer and special mention goes to Charlie who brought his home made rockets down on the day and wanted to change the experiment to see what results he could get... a scientist of the future I think!

If you enjoyed that, there's an event at the Museum of Science and Industry coming up featuring Astronauts from a recent space mission... get yourself along to find out all about their mission, what it's really like to go into space and if they miss space food... http://www.mosi.org.uk/whats-on/an-audience-with-the-discovery-space-shuttle-crew

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