Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Thunderbirds are....GO, well maybe but only if the science works

On Monday 26th October 2009, we discover if the vehicles of the fictional and futuristic (it was set in 2065) International Rescue would work in reality. Could Thunderbird 1 actually fly at 15000 mph, could Thunderbird 3 actually fly into space and back successfully. The only problem we have to contend with is making sure these secrets aren't exposed to the villainous Hood, but we're pretty sure our Festival Assistants could handle him if he showed up.

As well as Thunderbirds Dr Phil Atcliffe of the University of Salford,will explore the practicality, space, and air worthiness of vehicles from a number of other Sci-Fi TV series.

This event will be taking place at Deans Activity Center in Swinton from 18:00 till 20:00, and although free you'll need to book here. Don't forget this is just one of a number of events happening in Salford for the 2009 Manchester festival of Science.

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