Thursday, 11 February 2010

Debating matters competition - NW Final

Debating matters competition - North West and North Wales 09/10 Final
Debate is crucial in addressing issues that face society today. Debate is crucial in science. By debating issues in science, you can explore a topic from all angles, how it could affect society and find out how people really feel about a particular issue. At school I found it hard to debate issues (and sometimes still do!), often being the person who could see an argument from all sides and did not have one particular standpoint. This meant I was good at playing devil's advocate, but sometimes found it difficult to display the passion that other pupils did.
The NW regional Final of the Debating Matters competition is an opportunity for schools in the region to sit in on the final, watch lives debates and input from the audience. If I had had the chance to go to something like this at school, I think it really would have given me more confidence in debating issues and therefore feel more confident standing up and having a viewpoint.
The regional final is open to all schools, to join the audience and join the debate. The competition is keen to engage new schools, who have not previously been involved. The regional final is taking place at the Bridgewater Hall this year. To find out more about attending, check out the regional page on Debating Matters website. There are also some really great guides to the topics up for debate.
Hopefully see you there!
Natalie, MSF Director.

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