Thursday, 26 August 2010

Trailblazing across August

We've had a busy month making monsters and lava lamps, and knitting microbes. We're also very excited to announce that the programme is almost ready to be released into the wild. To be the first to hear when it's out, sign up to our newsletter.

Our monster-making activity at the Night at the Victoria Baths was enjoyed by dozens of families. Kids learnt about how animals have evolved and adapter to their environments, and then imagined their own environments and created a monster that was perfectly adapted to this world. Here's a selection of some of their creations.

The Mad Scientists' Tea Party was also tons of fun - a whole day of radioactive cupcakes, giant bubbles and herbal tea. We had a team of STEM Ambassadors on hand to deliver kitchen science activities and about 300 people dropped by during the day. Smashing. Photos by Kinopablo.

We also joined the hundreds that made it on Jamaica Day for microbe knitting and science busking. Photos on left by JayDay.

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