Thursday, 27 January 2011

My favourite place: The intersection of art and science

Inspired by Prof John Hyatt’s talk about cymatics at MKC’s Innovation Boardroom event the other week, I thought I’d take a little exploration into the world of art inspired by science.

My current favourite has to be Rachel Sussman, who creates beautiful photography with a strong and inspiring message. Here she is at TED last year, talking about her current project, The oldest living things in the world. This voyage of artistic and scientific discovery has taken her to the far corners of the planet to capture images of the oldest organisms alive. She's covered quite some ground, including some of the most extreme environments on the planet, such as Siberia’s premafrost and Namibia's super-arid Namib Naukluft desert.

Double-click to view in full screen... otherwise you'll miss half of the presentation!

You can also hear her talking about her project on last week’s BBC Human Planet podcast… she’s on at around 21:00.

Emily Wiles - Manchester Science Festival Officer

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