Monday, 28 February 2011

The Hidden Science Map - update!

The Hidden Science Map is coming on in leaps and bounds. The designs for the site are looking very good and all the various science bodies that have been contacted about the project have been very supportive. It's a bit nerve wracking to start something 'national' (gulp) from scratch, so to have the mega-force that is the Manchester science community behind it from the off has felt very warm and fuzzy, big thank you.

There's a way to go before the map, with pins, appears for us (and more importantly young people in search of careers information) to play with, but now the questionnaires are all up for you in a rough format. There are separate questionnaires for working science people, students or those in training, retired science people, and organisations or teams within organisations. (Science in this context very much includes technology, engineering and maths.)

They are in rough format, just to collect information so that the map has pins when it launches.

If you'd like to put yourself or your organisation in pre-launch, have a photo ready to upload that you like, and remember you don't need to give your full or real name. Make a cup of tea (or coffee, anything really)
and settle for about half an hour to answer the questions that will form your profile on the map.

The questionnaires can be accessed from the Science Council website.

The other development last week is that the Norwich Research Park turned out in the cold for a very impressive 200 person 'Portrait' of themselves for the map. Massive thanks to all of them and to the BBSRC's Dee Rawsthorne who organised it, and Andrew Chapple who took this film of proceedings.

The picture will, eventually, be dotted with profile pins. Do not be daunted by this very special image! Place portraits of smaller work teams, in the warm, also very welcome. If you do make one of these place-portraits soon for your organisation/team please keep hold of it until further notice.

If you're planning a Big Picture like this, please get in touch, as it would be great to record the process and the final photography, and I can offer you some advice too, based on how your image will be finally presented.

Please get in touch with Katie Walsh if you have any questions.

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