Friday, 20 May 2011

International Year of Chemistry Celebration Event!

As part of the International Year of Chemistry we are hosting a chemistry themed day as part of the Museum of Science and Industry's "Meet the Scientist" programme as well as a Manchester Science Festival 2011 Trailblazer!

In the Museum's Power Hall there will be hands-on chemistry experiments for you to try all day (from 10:30am to 3:30pm). Things like freaky hand (see picture), making plasma, making toothpaste for elephants, coke and mentos explosions and magic sand (is it magic or nanotechnology?) to name but a few.

We are also hosting a special, one off chemistry show. How long can you make a bubble float?
How fast can you make it sink?
Explore the wonderful world of molecules; find out about all the gases in the air we breathe, and what happens when we cool them down, and heat them up.
You can do all that for yourself, but there are some things only a trained chemist can do (without being put in jail for arson!): See some more spectacular experiments in the Learning Loft: find out about the nature of colour, where it comes from, and how chemists make it; find out about the importance of chemistry to finding new fuel technologies, and all about digestion, combustion, and explosion, with memorable flashes and bangs amongst some rarely-seen demonstration-experiments. What does 400 calories actually look like? Find out in the learning loft, 2-3pm , this Saturday! Learning has never been more fun! Spaces are limited for this show so (free) tickets are available from the MOSI information desk.

The event is run with the help of chemists from the University of Manchester and the Royal Society of Chemistry. We look forward to seeing you all there tomorrow.

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