Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Do you know a rising star in science communication?

Zena, a STEM Ambassador, science busking at MSF 2010.

We're on the hunt for the best science communication talent in the UK and nominations for the 2011 Joshua Phillips Award for Innovation in Science Engagement are now open.

Steve Cross, winner of the 2010 Josh Award.
The Joshua Phillips Award (or Josh Award) is intended to recognise and nurture the finest practitioners in science communication who, whilst being young professional science communicators, have already demonstrated exceptional potential for innovation in the relatively new field of public engagement with science.

The Award is open to anyone who is recognised as an up-and-coming talent in science communication, with innovative and new ideas.

The successful nominee will receive a personal prize of £1,000 and be appointed as “Science Communicator in residence” at the Manchester Science Festival 2012.

For more information about the about and to download the nomination form head to the Manchester Science Festival website

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