Monday, 15 October 2007

Less than a week to go!

It's less than a week to go until we launch! There's a lot that's been done and a lot more still to do...

Firstly, thanks to the Lit Fest and all the Doctor Who contributors who turned out for yesterday's sold out trailblazer on science fiction/ fact. It was a fabulous event - despite the air con/ heating breaking!

Also we've just been tipped off about a great new website to support the film "Earth". Go and have a look!

The Bluetooth broadcasting has started - in Piccadilly station and at MoSI. In both locations, we're sending out trivia messages and festival info, a different message every hour each day! Make sure you enable your Bluetooth function to receive them.

And tomorrow is our last trailblazer - Cafe RSA on the topic "Science hearts Art". See you there?

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