Monday, 22 October 2007

Things to look out for: Mon, Tues, Wed

You can see a daily diary of what's on at the calendar on the website, but here are some things to fit in if you can!

A Cafe Sci tonight on facts, information and belief

A lecture this evening demonstrating how and why molecules are magnetic and what it could mean for the future

A very special IMAX screening of 3D Aliens of the Deep

Murder and mystery at MoSI - try solving the forensic clues in this CSI Manchester workshop

The first of two Acoustics and Architecture tours at The Bridgewater Hall

A chance to find out of the Stradivarius string sound is a myth or reality

Toys and a chance to meet a scientist at the Arndale Market

A once-in-a-festival chance to see Speilberg's dinos run riot on the big screen

Johnny Ball's talk and demo about the history of science in the NW

And not one, but two, flash bang demos

And after all that, the chance to put your feet up and have a well-earned rest with a pint!

A series of lectures on genetics and faces at Nowgen, with a free lunch - every day, 12-1.30

The Big Science Draw all week at Manchester Museum

More than we can list here at MoSI every day - pick up a daily leaflet from the Information Desk on arrival.

And of course there's all the ongoing exhibitions at MoSI, CUBE, Whitworth, Nowgen, and more...

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