Wednesday, 15 October 2008

It comes to us all...

So the debate last night was fascinating - great input from the three presenters and some really insightful feedback and points from the floor too.

Afterwards, I was pondering that a lot of people seemed to have quite strong opinions on the subject. I guess we do all have experience of ageing in some way, and therefore people have a certain personal "expertise" to bring to the debate. And that seems to be quite markedly different from a (technical) topic like stem cells, which we've debated in the past...

Related to all this, the BBC news site had a great article the other month about ageing, death and dying. You might be interested to take a look.

Thanks to Manchester Museum for hosting, to the volunteers for helping out, to RCUK for their support and of course, to Trevor, Eileen, Marcus and Marco for their input. And thanks to everyone who came depsite the rain and distinctly autumnal weather!

See you at the Blade Runner screening next week, or something else in the festival?

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