Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Making Sense of Radiation

You may have seen an article in the Daily Mail, the Guardian online or heard it on the radio 4 Today programme this morning talking about a new guide to Making Sense of Radiation. The guide was produced by Sense about Science, a national charity dedicated to debunking myths of science.

The report (available here) is written by leading scientists, engineers and medical professionals and helps people to question things they’ve heard or read about radiation. It contains information showing that products on the market which claim to protect people from radiation exploit unfounded fears and generally don't do what they claim! The report also explains current evidence which shows that wi-fi, mobiles phones and masts have not been shown to have harmful effects.

Sense about Science have also got a range of other reports out and their website has some really useful information on recent reports and stories that have been picked up in the media. Recent project include work on detox products, science for celebrities, GM foods and stem cell research.

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