Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Research: The Big Picture
Guest Post: Dee-Ann Johnson, The University of Manchester

What connects wishing trees in folklore, the inside of a living chrysalis, and 5000 years of weather?  The third annual Images of Research Competition that’s what! 

  As part of the Manchester Science Festival, we challenged  scientists and engineers at The University of Manchester to tell their research story using beautiful images and inspiring descriptions. We asked them to show why research is essential and important to everyone.  

Open to researchers in all subjects, the entries came with intriguing titles including:

·      Your eely ancestor
·      The fire empowerment
·      More than skin deep
·      Standing proud
·      Scientific research: A real bed of roses

The competition presents just a taste of the diversity and breadth of the research being conducted at the University. But whether the subject matter is poverty, locomotion, climate change, health or masculinity, we are sure of one thing – there is something of interest for everyone.

Our researchers are passionate about their work and the benefits their research can bring. 

  But now we turn the competition over to you

Cast your vote online now and help us decide which image has captured your imagination, raised your curiosity, or got you thinking about the research in a different way.

The competition runs from 7 October to 4 November 2013. The winner will be announced on 5 November 2013.

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