Thursday, 29 October 2015

Help us Discover Why #ScienceIsSpectacular

Ever wondered what the scientists at The University of Manchester get up? Well here’s your chance to find out as we turn Oxford Road into a giant laboratory this coming Halloween weekend with Spectacular Science.

With more than 40 interactive science experiments, there's something for everyone at this family fun day at Whitworth Hall and Manchester Museum, 11am – 4pm.

Step into the shoes of an aerospace engineer and face the power of our wind turbines as you explore the forces of flight – lift and drag. Help our atmospheric scientists to unearth the mysteries of one of the most destructive weather phenomena in nature as they power up the mini-tornado machine.

Become a biologist for the day as we ask what has fungi ever done for us, investigate how blood travels around the body, and discover why some species of turtles can live without oxygen for 6 months!

We’ll also explore the science behind music as you create your own musical instruments from weird and wonderful objects. Or perhaps you’d like to explore the marvelous world of biomaterials and technical textiles – be sure to help us test the strength and resistance of perhaps the world’s most popular material – chocolate.

You’ll have the chance to don on a lab coat and see how the brain responds when we watch and imitate someone, find out why we need mucus, or learn how to turn your phone into a super microscope as we take a closer look at our cells.

Or perhaps you’d like to help our computer scientists and engineers programme games, crack secret codes, build robots, or immerse yourself inside a virtual world where nothing is quite as it seems.

All of this and more as you help us to explore the wonder of science.

By Dee-Ann Johnson, The University of Manchester

Twitter: @UoMEngage #ScienceIsSpectacular

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