Thursday, 22 October 2015

Peer review poetry

Since the beginning of scientific discovery, poets have written about science; while scientists have written poetry. In Peer review poetry, Dan Simpson represents the former and Dr Sam Illingworth scientists. Together, they consider the artistic value and scientific integrity of the two worlds and how they interact...

From Sam, the scientist:

When we seek and observe nature’s beauty
There is one question that always stands out:
For is science exceeding its duty,
Or is it poems that we can do without?

Keats and Poe thought that science was ugly,
And that it stole from us nature’s intent;
Feynman wondered why the poets smugly
Did make their claims based on some false descent.

Are both fields yet aware of their defects?
As with their words they try trap nature’s soul
For its beauty is one of their objects
That alone they cannot hope capture whole.

To find out why their fighting is absurd,

Come see us on October twenty-third.

By Sam Illingworth, Manchester Metropolitan University

From Dan, the poet:

Heavy elements
constitute art and science:
common gravity. 

Poems are guesswork
intuitive estimates
sometimes revealing. 

Science is precise
accurate observations
sometimes beautiful. 

Poetry creates
our world as we perceive it
science understands.

Immortal poet!
not immortal after all:
universe heat death.

Show numbers and words
to describe our Universe
shine light on the truth.

Waves or particles?
Artist or scientist? We’re
gloriously both.

By Dan Simpson, poet

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