Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Other things to look out for during the festival…

A new Salford REdGENERATION nail varnish on sale at festival outlets

A project collecting your ‘Favourite Manchester Sounds’ aiming to discover what Mancunians think about their city’s soundscape and to reveal the Manchester of the ear

A city-wide pub quiz with Manchester Food and Drink Festival

Lots of other workshops, talks, shows, activities and events at the Museum of Science and Industry – there are just too many to list here!

Bluetooth messages broadcasting festival information in key locations

“Joule’s Gold”, our festival beer, made by Paradise Brewery, on sale at their stall in the Arndale Market and other select locations

Busloads of physics as the cities buses play host to a Manchester-exclusive poster campaign

The Josh Award for Science Communication

A special IMAX short showing only at the Odeon in the Printworks

A chance to get together with other “fizz-ics” readers because of Richard Hammond’s book “Can you feel the force?”

Some fantastic science busking and tricks at a variety of locations throughout the festival

Murder, mystery and crime-solving at the Museum of Science and Industry

Books and posters by 1001 Inventions being sold through festival outlets

And the festival fun doesn’t stop at midnight on the 28 October. Oh no. We know some of you are on half-term the week after so we’ve laid on some special events and activities just for you – check the MOSI website for things happening between 29 Oct - 4 Nov!

For all of these and more check the festival website when it goes live later this month - Manchester Science Festival

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