Friday, 28 September 2007

Post-launch Friday-itis...

No, this isn't a reference to the fact that I'm suffering from a severe case of goldfish-memory-itis this afternoon (though it might as well be!). It's one of the hundreds of images that we've been selecting to put on the website - see if you can spot them when it finally goes live on Monday!

Yesterday's programme launch went really well and I was delighted to see so many faces there, familiar and new. Everyone seemed to have a good time networking, looking through the programme and drinking champagne! But today it's back down to earth with a bump, as I do the final proofs for the website, sort out a very special busking location (more soon!) and deal with a million (I exaggerate) emails and messages from yesterday when I was busy running round with the event.

Anyway the weekend is beckoning and I suspect that this will be the last quiet one until the end of October...

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