Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Work, work, work...

With less than 10 days till the programme launch, and less than five weeks until the festival itself, things are moving on apace!

I always find this an exciting time – when the majority of the hard work is behind you (or should be, apart from the festival itself!) and the preparation is starting to pay off. It’s not that thrilling for all of you I’m guessing (!), but knowing that the programmes, postcards, Tshirts, banners, badges, and other stuff is all ordered and due in time means I sleep better at night!

And generally, things seem to be going smoothly, even if I am a bit busy overall. I say “seem to” because my colleague in the office said the other day that this is always the calm before the storm – I know I’m prepared for what I should be prepared for, it’s just what I didn’t know I needed to be prepared for that I need to worry about…

Don’t forget that we’re running a series of trailblazers during October, in partnership with lots of other Manchester institutions and festivals – I’ll post more about those in due course.

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